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TQM Bias Ruler and The Binding Tool


Bias Tool-  N761

Bias Tool- N761
The best and quickest way to get perfect bias every time. Make 280″ of bias binding from 1/2 yard of fabric or 100″ from a fat quarter. There’s no trick to this easy tool, it’s simple, fast and no fail. You’ll get perfect bias every time. (When ordering one Bias Tool, $2.50 will be charged for shipping, not $5.00. We will correct that when the order is sent. Our normal shipping charges of $5.00 will be charged if you order more than one tool.)  


To See a demonstration of the  TQM Bias Ruler         



Binding Tool



Binding Tool
The Binding Tool is a must have tool for every quilter. When you finish the last seam of the binding only an angle seam will work to reduce the bulk of this last step. The Binding Tool makes a perfect ending every time. Two measurements and two cuts and you’re on your way to a great finish. Shipping for one binding tool is $1.00.


To See a Demonstration of the TQM Binding Tool


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